The Alliance Dance Company

The 2017-2018 auditions will take place June 3rd and 4th, 2017. 

To register for auditions, click the link above. Either create a new account or login to an existing one. Click Enroll in a Class and choose the option for Competitive Company Auditions. There is a $10 audition fee required to secure your spot. This enrolls you in the Technical Evaluation portion. Dancers will be auto enrolled for call backs. There's no additional audition fees beyond the $10.

The Alliance Dance Company is open to dancers ages 5-18. Ages 5-7 can sign up for an evaluation in order to be excepted into our Diva program. Ages 8 and up must audition in June. Email or call (850) 688-5921 to register for an evaluation or auditions.

Auditions are held on Saturday and Sunday and are broken down into two phases:

1) Technical evaluation by age

Dancers arrive Saturday morning grouped with dancers around their same age. All dancers will complete a similar audition with options to show more advanced skills along the way (example: demonstrate a double pirouette with the option of demonstrating a triple or quad). All dancers are judged using the same point system giving us a clear idea of level overall. Once completed, dancers will be called back in groups more specific to their level, not necessarily age.

2) Choreography call-backs based on level

Once Call-back groups are announced, dancers will come back Saturday afternoon/evening at their designated time to learn choreography designed for their level. This is done without judges in the room. The following day, dancers will return and perform the choreography with their call-back group. Dancers can still be moved up, down or dismissed after the call-back round is complete. Results are posted within 48 hours of audition completion.

***Skills a dancer may be required to execute during the technical evaluation***

Ballet skills at barre and center, pirouettes en dehors and en dedans - parallel and turned out, turns a la seconde, splits - right, left and center, battements and extensions - tilts, penche and arabesque, leaps - grand jete, saut de chat and calypsos. Reminder: a dancer will be asked to do the most basic of these skills with more advanced options given.

***Attire for auditions***

Technical evaluation (Saturday morning): Black leotard, tan or pink tights or no tights, whichever shoes the dancer prefers to dance in but must be tan, hair in a secure bun (any placement)

Choreography portion (Saturday evening): All black

Call-back group performance (Sunday morning): All black, form fitting attire, no tights, any shoes but must be tan, hair in a secure bun.

Alliance Dance Company members, along with their families, make a commitment to the studio that should not be taken lightly. Dancers are required to take a minimum numbers of hours per week as specified in the Company Requirements handout. They will also have rehearsals Saturdays and are expected to attend all performances and master classes. They will compete in 3-5 competitions a year and 1-2 conventions, all of which, for the most part, are out of town. The time, energy and heart it takes to be a competitive dancer is great, but the reward is much greater. The sense of accomplishment and camaraderie these dancers will feel is truly incredible, and the amount of growth they will see from year to year will be extensive.

Dancers auditioning for The Alliance Dance Company, and their parents, must read and sign the Company Requirements handout. They will need to bring the signed form with them the day of auditions.

Being in a competitive program is the ultimate combination of technique and artistry. Are you ready?!