Attendance is monitored each week. Dancers are encouraged to show up consistently and on time as this promotes a strong work ethic and will give each dancer the best results as it relates to their training. Tuition remains the same whether it's a 3 week month or 5 week month.

Rehearsals leading up to any performance are mandatory. Too many absences could result in being removed from community performances or recital.


Dress code is strictly enforced. Please, review Class Descriptions to find the appropriate attire for each class. Any specific dress code should be viewed as the dancer’s uniform. We will dance the way we look, so please do not show up sloppy or unprepared.

All studio dancers will be required to purchase a studio leotard to be worn at all community performances and some rehearsals. The leotards can also be worn to class. Alliance Dance Company members are also required additional apparel for competitions, appearances and conventions.


Parents are invited to enroll their children online through our studio software. These online accounts give you access to account standings as well as our class schedule. 

You may enroll in classes via the online software. Payments can be made by card through our software or can be dropped of at the studio in cash or check form. Our apologies, we do not accept AMEX.

  • There is a $30 registration fee per family to enroll for our fall/spring term. There's no registration fee for Summer or Adult classes
  • Our classes are structured to group dancers with similar levels of experience. This is the most conducive structure for growth. Please consider your first class as a placement class. Instructors will advise on which group a student will be best suited for.


Dancers should arrive 10 minutes early to class and be picked up within 10 minutes after. 

After a dancer is dropped off, they will not be permitted to leave the studio until they’re picked up. 

Please come inside to pick up your child. Do not ask them to meet you somewhere. If you do this, we will have an instructor accompany your dancer. No exceptions.


If a dancer drops a class or classes halfway through the month, they will still be charged for that month’s tuition. The month can be prorated if 30 days notice is received.

Any  student that drops all classes and then wishes to re-enroll within the same year will be charged the $30 registration fee again.

To drop a class or classes, please contact the studio.

Make-up Policy

Dancers who miss class will have one month to attend a make-up class. They may attend any other class recommended to them by their instructor. This is the responsibility of the parent and dancer to make-up the class. Tuition will not be prorated due to a missed class.


Tuition is to be paid in full within the first week of the month. Any tuition unpaid by the 15th will have an 18% late fee attached. $10 will be added monthly until tuition is paid.

There will be a $25 service fee for any returned check

The monthly fee is a flat rate. A dancers tuition remains the same whether it is a 5-week or 3-week month

Families with more than one child enrolled will receive 10% discount off the total monthly fee for the second child

All balances must be paid in full by the final week of classes in May. If any accounts have outstanding balances, the dancer will not be permitted to dance at recital.


We have one end of the year recital, but we will have other smaller performances throughout the year. The smaller performances are optional in most cases. Recital is mandatory if enrolled in the class. Not all weekly classes will have a recital routine. Please note that any class labelled a Technique Only class under Class Descriptions will not be in recital.

There is an $85 recital fee for each dancer enrolled. This fee pays for a recital t-shirt as well as the event itself allowing free admission.


For parades and community performances, dancers will wear our studio leotard. Bottoms will be determined per performance/appearance but are generally black leggings or shorts.

Recital Costumes range from $60-$90 per dancer, per class. There will be a recital costume for each recital routine (each combo class will have ONE recital routine). We bill for a costume deposit (approximately half) due in November and a costume balance due in December. Costume fees are non-refundable! Costumes will be ordered during the Christmas holidays and will arrive approximately the middle of April. Dancers will not receive their costumes until balance is paid.

Alliance Dance Company members are required to purchase a costume for each of their competition routines. Some costumes will be stock costumes meaning dancers will be charged a “rental fee” instead of the purchase price. These costumes are property of Artistry Dance Alliance and dancers will not be permitted to keep them following competition season. Other costumes will be bought new and can range from $50 to $120. Costume balance will be billed in the fall. 

NOTE: All of our Jazz, contemporary/lyrical, hip hop and combo classes perform at recital. Competition dances also perform at recital. Our competitive company is not a separate entity from the rest of the studio. Their company class and weekend rehearsals are for working on competition routines, not to receive their technical training. They will take classes from our standard schedule, and will therefore, have recital dances in addition to competition dances. Keep this in mind when figuring recital costume costs. 


Classes may be observed from the lobby viewing windows only


Artistry Dance Alliance does not carry medical insurance for its students. It is REQUIRED that all students be covered by their own family insurance policies and if injury occurs, it is understood that the student’s own policy is the ONLY source of reimbursement.