Ballet is for every age!

Artistry Dance Alliance recognizes the benefits of dance at any age. Ballet trains the body, mind and soul. Move with grace and presence while gaining a skill you once had or have always dreamed of.

Adult Ballet at Artistry D.A. is not a fitness structured class. It’s a ballet class. Dancers will work at barre, at center and across the floor. Each week, instructor Rebecca Krumel will build on the classes before giving you a true basis in ballet. The low impact nature of ballet is great for any age, and can work wonders on your posture, muscle tone, agility, flexibility, stress level and so much more.

Don’t let the structure of this class intimidate you! Your ballet class is also a social opportunity where you can enjoy the company and collaboration of a new group of friends. The best rewards in life come from a combination of community and hard work.

To get the most out of this art form, drop in classes are not recommended. That’s why we offer the incredible monthly rate of $45! We encourage you to sign up for the month, but there is no penalty if you choose not to re-new the following month (although we’re sure you’ll become obsessed)! No registration fees! Despite drop-ins not being encouraged, if you’d like to come for a trial/drop-in class, the charge will be $15/class. The month of December will be $25. The season concludes April 2019.

We can’t wait to have you!! To share our excitement, we’re starting out FREEEE!!! Come to our FREE trial opportunity on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 at 7:00 pm. Classes will officially begin on October 2, 2018. Enroll on the night of our FREE class and receive 10% off your first month!


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Artistry Dance Alliance, 6800 Thomasville Road, #105
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